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About Loveessence

April 15, 2012

Our mission at Loveessence is encourage all of us to get to love’s essence.  What kind of love do you want to attract into your life?  Does it consist of mutual admiration, sexual ecstacy and or emotional intimacy?  Is it driven by a shared faith or mutual understanding?  Does it inspire you to do great things?  Loveessence’s sole goal is to encourage you to answer those questions and to provide you with a network of people who may be able to provide you with the love that your heart desires.

Although a major focus of the site is romantic love, we also encourage members of our community to explore getting to love’s essence with respect to all aspects of love in their lives.  This includes love of family, love of friends, love of what you do and love of yourself.  We understand that love is always enough to sustain bonds, manifest dreams, heal wounds and live like heaven is on earth.

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