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Viola Davis tells us how it took her time to receive her soulmate. Are you ready?

June 6, 2012

Viola Davis is a woman after my heart.  I love her for being so candid about her own journey towards self-love, romantic love and a successful career.  So many other women, especially black women and other women of color, have experienced that journey, are currently on that journey or should be on that journey. In the following clip from her interview on OWN she discusses how it took her time to accept her husband Julius’s love. She was suspicious of him because he was good-looking and she thought that good-looking men were often not good people. She was wary of accepting his help because she was used to being on her own.  I think that her story inspires a very important question.  Are you ready to receive your soulmate?  So much time and thinking is devoted to the question of how to find the right partner.  But if that partner came to your doorstep wrapped in a figurative bow and read to give you the love that have been yearning for would you be ready?   It seems that you have to love yourself and find yourself worthy first, and only then can love be enough to find your soulmate.

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