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Wanting Hair on Your Head Should Not Be Radical

June 7, 2012

Pro-black, afro-centric and black radical are terms that are sometimes used to describe black women who forgo chemical relaxers and wear their hair natural in afros, twists, braids, locks or a number of different styles.  I personally have not put a chemical process in my hair since 1999 and I have dealt with many of these terms.  Yes I believe in black people’s empowerment just as I believe in every race’s empowerment.  Yes I love Africa just as I believe we should love all continents, especially the contents of our ancestors.  But the fact remains that I choose to wear my hair natural because my hair literally falls out of my head whenever I relax it.  Recent reports that link relaxers to uterine fibroids  may reveal that baldness may not be the only risk that women and girls with relaxers should consider. 

The fact that a black woman wanting to have hair and therefore be natural could still be considered radical reveals a very sad state of affairs with respect to the hair types that are considered normal or acceptable in the United States. To me, this represents a wound in our country that needs to be healed.   Lets hope that with the increasing number of black women wearing natural hair that perception will change.  Love is enough to heal old wounds.  Lets love ourselves and each other enough to accept and rejoice in our diversity.

 Please check out this very interesting trailer from a documentary on black women’s transitions to natural hair.

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