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Are you Ambitious or Are You Actualizing?

June 13, 2012

An amazing woman who coaches amazing women, Tara Mohr, brought this amazing concept to me: Ambition vs. Actualization. 

Lianne Raymond has something brilliant to say about this. Her framework has been making a huge difference for me, and I’m excited to share it with you.

She differentiates between “actualization” and “ambition.”
She says, “Actualization is an awkward word for the beautiful and somewhat mysterious essence in every human being and every living thing to grow into the fullest expression of itself. You see it in a flower that bends to the sun. You see it when a baby pushes herself up to take a tentative step, falls and does it all again, over and over until she is walking. I see it in my artist friend Sharon who says, “I have drawn and painted all my life. I can’t not do it.”

In other words, actualization is about the full expression of your gifts and impulses to create. In my courses, this is how we define playing big. I don’t think ambition will save the world, but I do think actualization will. If we are actualizing, we are bringing forth the incredible gifts, talents, contributions, love and light within.  Lianne writes that ambition, by contrast, is driven by needing to impress others or reassure ourselves we are enough. It’s about needing to “win,” or to gain acclaim. It tends to be rooted in insecurity. “


Whoa, that is really powerful! So I believe that that as we strive to love enough to live our dreams we should be cognizant of whether our dream is to live our truth or gain fame over others.  Only the former, is worth pursuing.

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