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Are you ready to live your truth despite opposition?

June 13, 2012

There are always people, sometimes even well-meaning people, who do things that aim at stifling the dreams of others.  This point was clearly illustrated to me when I watched the amazing documentary “Being Elmo” about the African-American male behind the voice of Elmo, Kevin Clash.  Kevin Clash grew up in a humble home in Baltimore during the 1970’s and as a child he was obsessed with Sesame Street and puppets.  He cut out the lining of his father’s trench coat in order to make a monkey puppet.  He used socks and other materials to hand-make puppets which he then used to entertain the children who attended his mother’s home day-care center. 

All the while, well-meaning people tried to discourage him and his family.  Women in the neighborhood told his mother that it was strange for a boy to be obsessed with puppets and that his mother should sign him up for football so that Kevin would be more normal and masculine.  Neighborhood kids accused him of being gay and playing with dolls.  But his parents encouraged him to live his dream and at the tender age of eighteen he was able able to move to New York to work as a puppeteer.  Today, Kevin Clash is the happy and wealthy puppeteer behind the most loved Sesame Street character.   He has been married in the past and he has a beautiful daughter with his ex-wife.

People may mean well, but we ourselves are responsible for living our own dream and following our own path despite the input of others.

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