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You Will Never Be Pretty Enough, But You Are Enough

June 13, 2012

So many women and men struggle with their own beauty.  They always believe that they would look soo much better if they could lose an extra 10 lbs, grow/buy more hair, get a tummy tuck, a nose job or some other “enhancement”.  We black women may face special challenges because of the lack of mainstream validation of our skin tones, hair textures and body types. 

But Halle Berry taught me that no procedure is ever enough.   I will never forget reading an article in which Halle Berry’s ex-husband, David Justice, stated that Halle Berry had low self-esteem and constantly asked him if she was pretty or if she looked okay.  David Justice said that he paid for her to have various surgical enhancements and yet nothing was enough for her.  Halle Berry herself admits in the interview below that growing up in a home with domestic violence scarred her and that the little Halle inside her still yearns to know whether she is good enough. 

Halle Berry describes feeling unworthy

If Halle Berry with all of her fame, money, accolades and adoring fans telling her that she is the most gorgeous woman on the planet still feels as if she does not physically measure up then what hope is there for the rest of us?  Here is the hope.  Halle Berry teaches us that it is the mindset which is most important and not your actual appearance.  We all can change our mindset to believe that we are enough at any given moment.  There is nothing more that is needed.  We are perfect in our imperfection and our love for ourselves is enough to set us free.

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