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Caine’s Love Was Enough To Live His Dreams

June 14, 2012

A family friend recently asked a young woman whom he admired what she thought contributed to her success. She responded that her parents never deterred her from following her passions and no matter how grandiose of an idea that she had they never seemed shocked and told her that she could not do it.   I pray that I will be able to nurture my children in that way. 

The story of Caine’s Arcade demonstrates that anything is possible. A nine year old boy created an elaborate arcade out of cardboard at his father ‘s auto parts shop. Sadly, he lacked customers due to the desolate location of the shop. That was, until one day a filmmaker happened to stop by the auto parts shop and became fascinated with the arcade. The filmaker then started a social media campaign to get customers to show up to the arcade at the same time.  Caine arrived at his Dad’s shop from lunch at a pizzeria to find hundreds of customers cheering for him.  The filmmaker’s video about Caine has inspired many and people have contributed over $100K to Caine’s college fund.  Love was enough for Caine to live his dreams.   It is enough for  your dreams too.

 Check out the video below.

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