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Men’s Liberation Movement

July 2, 2012

The most popular narrative about being a woman is one of struggle. We hear about domestic abuse against women, female infanticide, discrimination against women in the workplace and much more.

Of course all of these horrors exist. But in getting to know more and more men I have begun to recognize that women are privileged to a certain extent with respect to the freedom to show emotion freely and to express both their softness and toughness with abandon.  I sometimes think that men are taught in many societies to hold all of their emotions inside and to always be tough and stoic and to consistently judge their worth by how much money, power and influence that they are able to gain.  I pray that society can liberate men from these burdens. We’ve had the women’s movement. Can we have the men’s liberation movement?

In raising boys I pray that I can teach them to be secure enough in their humanity and manhood to   recognize their inherit worth and the worth of all others regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, class or sexual orientation.

I pray that they will be the type of men that we all love – as  Judith Rich explains.

“I love men who know them selves to be more than their bank bal­ances, more than their job titles, more than the num­ber of sex­ual con­quests or tro­phy wives they’ve had. I love men who see beyond the cul­tural def­i­n­i­tions of who they’re sup­posed to be, espe­cially as dic­tated by peo­ple like you.

I love men who in know­ing them­selves to be more than their net worth, more than their golf scores, or the num­ber of cars or jet air­planes they own, can look in the mir­ror and see beyond appear­ances, see their inner beauty, lis­ten to and trust their heart.

I love men who can be spa­cious enough to let their women shine, secure enough to let their women be as big and as beau­ti­ful as can be. I love men who are hum­ble, and who inspire women to feel safe enough in their pres­ence to open to their deep­est, most vul­ner­a­ble self.

I love men who aren’t afraid to be wrong, men who have the courage to say that they don’t always have the answers. I love men who have a regard for what’s sacred, what’s holy, what’s unnam­able, what’s invis­i­ble. I love men who don’t take a woman’s love or any­thing else for granted. I love men who get that a woman in her power is the most beau­ti­ful crea­ture on the planet. Oh, I love that kind of man!”

Please see the rest of Judith Rich’s moving blog entry here.


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