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Are You Looking for a White Knight to Save You?

July 10, 2012

I hope not. I hope that none of us are looking for any man, black, white, Asian, Hispanic or otherwise to save us because because we feel completely imbued with the mental, emotional, spiritual and other resources to to live completely wonderful lives that are enriched but not dependent upon finding romantic love.

In Sil Lai Abrams Ebony article “The Myth of the White Knight: White Men Are Not the Answer to Black Women’s Problems” she discusses the myth that white men are the answer to the overly discussed black male shortage which some analysts believe is preventing many black women from getting married. But I I’m not quite sure that this myth exists.  Most of the black women who I know who date interracially also date intraracially because they recognize that color is not a determinant of character.  Gross generalizations about black men, white men, Asian men or any other race or ethnicity of men may lead to a great deal of confusion.  Human beings are human beings and men are men, regardless of skin tone.

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