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Can Envy Fuel Greatness?

July 10, 2012

We all hate to admit it, but we have felt envious. There has been some moment of our lives in which we have heard someone else’s good news and felt a tinge of envy because we so wished that we too had experienced that good fortune.

But here is the good news, according to Christie Aschwanden of O magazine that envy can be malicious or benign.  If we allow envy to make us bitter and to drive us to sabotage or destroy others then we may destroy ourselves in the process.  But if we decide that because of someone else’s good fortune, we too can manufacture such serendipity for ourselves and become even better then we may be driven to greatness.  What a sweet thought!

I’ll have to remind myself to love others as I love myself and that because I am human and others are human I am also capable of their great feats.  Love Is Enough to improve our lives and in turn improve our world.


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