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Not Just Sinners and Saints – Kathleen Cross’ Take on Kola Boof

July 2, 2012

“He’s an *sshole!”  “She’s a *itch!”  “He is such a good guy!” “She is so cool”
  We often reduce people to being either good or bad, nice or nasty, and never in between.  In his famous book The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell discusses the fact that most often our brains have to simplify situations by placing an individual in one category of good people or bad people and then interpreting all information to support the category chosen.  In actuality, Gladwell tells us, life is a lot more complicated and people behave differently in different situations so the *sshole at work may be an amiable guy and loving parent at home and at social gatherings.  I find this information incredibly fascinating when we incorporate an understanding of the myriad of life experiences that shape people’s outer personas. 

The following article by Kathleen Cross strikes me as incredibly insightful because of the fact that the author actually attempts to look at the life history of Kola Boof in order to understand her seemingly unrelenting anger and her vitriolic condemnation of “color struck” “*igger stock”.  Kola Boof is a fierce defender of dark-skinned black women’s right to be recognized as fully human and beautiful – but her delivery of this singular honorable point is often controversial.


Please read “Here’s Why I Love Kola Boof” here.



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